Our Mission

ClimbHI seeks to inspire students to finish high school and proceed to post-secondary educations or employment by educating them about future career paths and the process necessary to achieve those goals.

During the 2009-2010 school year in Hawaii there were unprecedented budget restrictions resulting in student instruction being cut by 17 days; 16.6% of Hawaii’s public school students dropping out, a growth from 16% in 2007-2008 and 15.6% in 2008-2009; and “in the area of economically disadvantaged students, nineteen of forty-two (45%) Complexes now serve populations who are at least 50% economically disadvantaged. In 2008, this rate was 26% and in 2009, it was 38%.” (From the 2010 Superintendent’s 21st Annual Report, State of Hawaii Department of Education) Furthermore, a June 2010 Georgetown University report stated that about two-thirds of all Hawaii jobs in 2018 will require post-secondary degrees of which the state is currently at just 29.6% of the population with a 4-year degree or higher.

ClimbHI has been developed to seek community support to sustain education for students through real-life exposure. Students will be able to pick areas of interest and visit businesses and entities in that field for a guided experience of the operation, the opportunities available, and the requirements to take advantage of the opportunities in the future, all conducted by volunteer professionals from those specific businesses and institutions and ClimbHI. The goal is to take ClimbHi’s sustainable model nationwide, but the initial focus will be on Hawaii.

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