Full-Day Programs

LEI is a workforce development project created by ClimbHI to inspire Hawai’i’s youth to select careers in the Hawai’i visitor industry by providing them with the necessary means to achieve success. From the student’s perspective, LEI represents an opportunity for Leadership, Exploration, and Inspiration, and from the hospitality industry’s perspective, LEI provides an opportunity to Lead, Expose, and Inspire Hawai’i’s youth.

The program began in 2011 with 300 Hawai’i high school students spending a day learning about the hospitality industry and the value of graduating from high school and going on to pursue a post-secondary education and has grown to programs on four islands including over 1,000 high school students per year invited from all public high schools across the state. During the course of the day’s program, the students meet, learn, and experience job opportunities that the hospitality industry can provide. Students also receive advice on filling out job/college applications, resumes, personal finance, and support resources.

To get a glimpse of LEI, please use the link below to view a short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFaM7nDZFNw

Example of LEI Full-Day Schedule

9:15am-10:30am: Hawaii Convention Center- Leadership and inspiration through guest speakers and Hawaiian culture/sense of place trainings

10:45am-2pm: Waikiki hotel visit- Students will be divided into groups and sent to different hotels for an overview of the hotel industry including a dining etiquette piece for lunch.

2pm-3:15pm: Students return to the Convention Center for a career fair to expose them to the variety of roles in the hospitality industry and post-secondary education opportunities.

Photos from past LEI events can be found here. To get involved as a business or volunteer or to inquire about participation as a high school or college student, please reach out to info@climbhi.org.

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Hawaii preserves the island in means of taking care of their people and those who wish to experience the true meaning of aloha. Over time, Hawaii eventually became the most desirable destination to visit, putting the hospitality and tourism as the leading industry on each of the islands. ClimbHI’s effort to promote jobs to local…

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