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Hawaii preserves the island in means of taking care of their people and those who wish to experience the true meaning of aloha. Over time, Hawaii eventually became the most desirable destination to visit, putting the hospitality and tourism as the leading industry on each of the islands. ClimbHI’s effort to promote jobs to local residents and our youth shows the support they continuously provide to our community, making it known that there are opportunities for advancement and that there many jobs available for me right here in Hawaii.

It was not until that day of the first L.E.I event on Maui that the world of the hotel industry sparked interest in me – from the motivational speakers to the back of the house tours. The are countless job opportunities waiting at our door! But I was only a 16-year-old student back then and anything I could remember after was nothing more than the exposure.

A year later I returned and the year after that; three years counting as a mentor, each year noticing more than I noticed before. Even after the struggle of getting used to being out of my comfort zone, I enjoyed the small personal conversations with the students, sneak peaks of the hallways and offices where I possibly could be working at someday and words of wisdom from the experts. I found my connection to the tourism industry through the L.E.I program and was more than satisfying.

When I thought things could not get any better, one last hoorah and I, along with my capstone class, eventually became one of the faces behind the program. I would be part of the LEI program again…but this time I would finish off with by helping plan the career fair, which neatly tied everything together. L.E.I has always been great at coming full circle, always never failing to prepare us for the real world. When we successfully executed the Career Fair portion of the event, it validated that ‘I am’ at the right place and in the right industry and I wouldn’t have known it if it wasn’t for the opportunity given. As I approach what will be the greatest milestone in my life thus far, I hope ClimbHI continues to inspire and educate aspiring leaders.

Tourism might be universal, but Hawaii is home of genuine hospitality and there are no better ambassadors of that than our own.

Full Circle, Sheralyn Soliven, University of Hawaii Maui College

Never did I imagine the huge impact that the LEI program would make on me; never did I expect the tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom I would retain. Before attending the event, the hospitality industry was something I had was undecided, along with the career that I wanted to pursue. I was always searching for people with the right answers and the knowledge to reassure me whether or not hospitality was the career for me, but found only a few. Then there was the LEI program. After spending a day at the convention center talking to various colleges and businesses as well as touring around one of the most amazing hotels in Waikiki, I now know whole-heartedly where I want to spend my entire career giving forth all my energy and dedication: the hospitality industry.

Exiting the bus, I was not prepared for the life lessons that I was going to learn. Though it was inspiring to hear the wise words from many successful people, the words “we are the peacemakers” struck me the most. It opened my eyes to the realization that a housekeeper or a simple bellhop, are all peacemakers in the hospitality industry who make it a point to treat guests from around the world with such Aloha and generosity. People invest their entire life for an opportunity to come to Hawaii and escape their life at home, difficult or busy, and so it is imperative that those in the industry must help accommodate them. After hearing this I learned that we as people who speak the language of Aloha must share it amongst everyone, whether it be a warm smile or a greeting, so we may extend our gratitude to as many as we can and have our generosity play as peacemakers in the world. I knew then the importance of the hospitality industry for not only Hawaii but around the world, and my heart opened closer to industry.

Because my career choice was an issue for me, I had no idea what college and type of major I was going to head to in the future. Seriously misguided, LEI had helped to steer me into the right direction by enabling us to speak to different colleges. Desperate to talk to schools like University of Hawaii (UH), I laid out all my questions. It was amazing to find that they answered each one with tremendous amount of information that I had not known. After such a fulfilling discussion with them, I finally decided that my major would be Travel Industry Management, with an emphasis on Hospitality, as I hope to attend UH.

If I could sum up the remarkable experience and overall thought for the LEI program, it would be that it is an ultimate life-changer. I was completely lost, looking for some kind of direction when LEI guided me to the right path. They taught me that hospitality was not just helping people but a network of amazing people operating together to give the true experience of paradise and Aloha to guests worldwide. Because of that, I knew I wanted to immerse myself in such an incredible industry. I am now even more determined to continue my path to a bright future with LEI beside me. I entered the LEI program desperate and misguided, and left confident and reassured.

Therese Boter, a junior from Farrington High School

This is my second year participating and I certainly have gained so much knowledge and views from the experiences you have given me. It was great to be able to attend and befriend students of other schools as well as meet the staff at the beautiful Royal Hawaiian Hotel, and the Hawaii Convention Center.
The words you spoke of at the last year’s convention, “L.E.I. is not a program! Leadership Exploration and Inspiration are things that you should carry with you in life,” have stayed with me till this day and will continue to try and exemplify these characteristics.

Student from James Campbell High School

When I saw Tihati’s Productions and Germaine’s Lu’aū, I knew that people become successful in what they love to do- making it not seem like a typical, normal job. After seeing how people can make a living off of Tahitian and Polynesian dancing, I took it into consideration on adding this job into my future plans for myself. Like any other goal that people set up, I know that if I put in hard work and determination into dancing, I know that someday, I can be a professional dancer.

Student from Kauai High School

The one thing that I most enjoyed about the program was the actual tour of the hotel. I felt that by having that inside access and seeing the entire behind the scenes operations of the hotel, we were able to gain a better sense of the hotel’s system and how each department contributes to the success of the hotel. It was also very intriguing to see how each department contained a certain type of personality profile; it was nice to see everyone happy with their job because it suited their personality and it was reassuring to know that there are jobs that can match your personality type.

Student from Mililani High School

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