ClimbHI Holds First Virtual Event

By Jennifer Sudick |
March 31, 2021

Hawaii workforce development nonprofit ClimbHI is hosting its first-ever virtual Leadership, Exploration, Inspiration (LEI) hospitality industry program on April 9, 2021, for up to 2,000 students from high school and intermediate schools across the state.

Founded in 2009, the Hawaii-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit ClimbHI seeks to inspire students to finish high school and proceed to post-secondary education or employment by exposing them to future career paths and the steps necessary to achieve those goals. For more, visit

Leadership Exploration Inspiration (LEI) is a Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA)-sponsored workforce development project created by ClimbHI to inspire Hawaii’s youth to pursue careers in the state’s visitor industry by providing them with the means to achieve success. The program exposes high school students to potential careers and provides college students with hands-on experience through internships. For more, visit