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Being an extern at ClimbHI is awesome! There are a lot of opportunities for you out there.

Mr. Pete Sherbrick, Concierge Manager

Mr. Pete Sherbrick, Concierge Manager

I was given the opportunity to see and understand how Expedia Local Expert runs. By shadowing Mr. Pete Sherbrick, one of the Concierge Managers of the Local Expert Honolulu team, we visited some properties he manages in Waikiki such as Hilton @ Waikiki, Aston, and Embassy Suites. The Expedia Local Expert concierge associates help hotel guests to book tours and activities they can enjoy during their stay in Hawaii. The guests will be able to explore the islands by air, land, and sea. The tours and activities varies from what you are into; from helicopter tours, submarine adventure,  to dolphin adventure, Polynesian Cultural Center tour, to Kualoa Ranch, and to much much more.

Mr. Sherbrick enjoys and loves what he does. He cares for his team and to the guests he services.

As we walked around Waikiki and visited some properties, Mr. Sherbrick introduced me to some of his top sales associates like Maya, who is assigned at the concierge desk at Hilton, Mark at Aston, and Matt at the Embassy Suites. It’s really a pleasure to meet all of them and learned something new from them.

Providing a great customer service to guests and making each of their vacation memorable and unforgettable is one of the factors that concierge associates value.

The lady on the left is Ms. Takeuchi, the lady on the right is Concierge Kylie Sueoka.

The lady on the left is Ms. Takeuchi, the lady on the right is Concierge Kylie Sueoka.

Shawn shadowed Ms. Lydia Takeuchi who is the Lead Concierge at The Outrigger Reef on the Beach. He observed the daily operations that a concierge does such as booking car rentals, making reservations for dinner, and assisting guests with directions.The two guests that Ms. Takeuchi assisted took over 40 minutes each to complete due to their complex reservations of over 10 separate events for each reservation.



I had the pleasure of meeting Josh Conlan, an Expedia Local Expert Concierge Manager. It was really a wonderful and beneficial experience for me. I had the opportunity to learn all about Mr. Conlan’s role as an Expedia Local Expert Concierge Manager as well as other job roles within the company. He answered all of my questions. Mr. Conlan was very informative. He made me want to work for Expedia. I didn’t really have a clear sense of what an Expedia Local Expert was before. But, after Mr. Conlan told me all about it, I think that Expedia is a wonderful company to work for. It seems like a fun and enjoyable job.

Mr. Conlan also took me around Waikiki to a few other properties where there was an Expedia Local Expert Desk. I got the opportunity to meet Janelle, who works at the Expedia Local Expert Concierge desk at the Aqua Bamboo hotel. I also got to see the newest location of where a new Expedia Local Expert desk will be opening.

I’m so grateful that I had this learning opportunity. A big Mahalo to Josh Conlan.- Shanel Aguero


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Sheralyn Soliven University of Hawaii, Maui College April 28, 2017

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