The Outrigger Tour Opportunity

One of the greatest opportunities that you’ll have as ClimbHI’s extern is that you will be exposed to the different work field. Shanel and I’s first journey were with Mr. Milton Lafitaga, Senior Sales Manager in Groups and Sports Sales/Marketing. To shadow a Senior Manager is a rare opportunity that happens to you, right? Because that’s what happened to us and I think that this is one of the experiences that Shanel and I will not forget.

On February 13th, Shanel and I met Mr. Lafitaga at Ohana Malia, one of the properties that Outrigger manages. We went on a tour with him while he was attending his 2 clients, Sports Directors from Pac West. He showed the two gentlemen a couple of rooms from different floors. After Mr. Lafitaga showed everyone around Ohana Malia, he took us, the externs to Ohana East. At Ohana East, we met a lot of important people in Sales Department for The Outrigger, Ohana, and Condominiums and one of those is Mr. Dave Carey, Vice President of Outrigger. Not a lot of students like us will have an opportunity like it and so we were very pleased to have met Mr. Carey and all the other important associates and executives who are the backbone of Outrigger and made it successful.

We also had the chance to volunteer and help one of the sports events that The Outrigger sponsors, Baseball. Other than Baseball, The Outrigger also sponsors Men’s Basketball and Men’s Volleyball. As volunteers, we needed to invite the people to sign up for the drawing to win a one night stay at either Outrigger Luana or Ohana Malia. The winner was announced at the 7th inning.

The Outrigger and Ohana team were fabulous and wonderful. We were well taking care of. One of the things that I like most was that we got to watch the game for free!

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Sheralyn Soliven University of Hawaii, Maui College April 28, 2017

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